About AJA Solutions

AJA Solutions was founded in 2012 by James Alley, an experienced advisor who combines commercial acumen with expertise in business and community development.

At AJA Solutions, our purpose is to help community organisations to be commercially sustainable and achieve long-lasting, beneficial outcomes for the community. 

  • We build partnerships between community groups, business, industry, government and local families.
  • We help community groups to leverage skills, knowledge and experience inside and outside of their local area.
  • We connect like-minded people and facilitate collaboration to develop projects for improving the education, employment, health, and wellbeing of people in a community.
  • We implement capacity building strategies for long term sustainability.

Our values drive how we work with clients, stakeholders, and communities.  We are:

  • Passionate about helping community organisations to become commercially sustainable – so they can continue to deliver valued services to the communities they serve.
  • Professional.  We are results oriented and work to a high standard.
  • Respectful.  We understand and respect community protocols, and we strive for a high level of stakeholder engagement using effective communication skills.
  • Empowering.  We support clients to increase their capability and capacity to achieve their outcomes – helping clients to develop strategies, policies & procedures, quality management systems, and project management practices to ensure their ongoing viability and sustainability.

We are passionate about working with Indigenous and non-Indigenous organisations to engage with Indigenous communities.  We have a strong commitment to enabling Indigenous peoples to have a degree of success in their lives.

Interested?  Let’s talk

Contact James Alley on 0423 654 658
or email info@ajasolutions.com.au to discuss how we can work together.